George Mocharko
Fairfax, VA

Real Estate Photographer and Brochure Designer Ready to Help with Your Listings!

George Mocharko is a content creation professional who will take digital photos of your property listings using his Canon EOS digital SLR camera. George has a solid understanding of the business of real estate. He has taken the 60-Hr. Virginia Salesperson Real Estate License through NVAR in order to increase his knowledge of the industry. His work as a real estate photographer began over a decade ago after he created full color brochures for his father--who was a Virginia-based Realtor and co-owner of a brokerage--and he expanded his business through word-of-mouth. All home photo shoots incur a minimum $15 travel fee with additional miles using the 2020 IRS standard mileage rate of 57.5 cents per mile driven. Weather conditions will be considered for appointments and all photography will be taken during daytime hours. George is able to use Photoshop to touch up photos, but will not alter anything in the pictures to misrepresent condition of the property. Agent will also need to submit MLS data.

Service Areas

Primary Service Area - Within 25 miles of Fairfax, VA
Extended Service Area - Within 25-50 miles of Fairfax, VA will incur a $15 travel fee

Terms & Conditions

Cancellations within 4 hours of the shoot will incur a $50 cancellation fee. The photographer agrees that the ownership of the delivered products is negotiable.


# of Photos

$150 for 10 Standard Photos

- $15 for each additional photo.

$300 for 10 Custom Photos

- $30 for each additional photo.

Total Cost Estimate